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Ten Top Tips for What to Pack for a Great Glamping Holiday!

February 19, 2021

At last, covid-restrictions are being lifted and we can start making plans for freedom! It’s been so long since we went on holiday, we’ve almost forgotten how it’s done. So whether you’re an old hand or a first-time-glamper, we thought we’d share our own experience and offer you our top tips on what to pack to make your glamping adventure extra special.

1. A toasting fork for marshmallows


It wouldn’t be a glamping trip without toasting marshmallows around the campfire, so don’t forget your toasting fork. Children (and adults) might be less than inclined to share, so maybe take a few…

2. A good torch for spotting animals at twilight


A proper torch rather than an iPhone will throw enough light for you to venture out on your own wildlife safari once dusk falls. If you are glamping you will probably be in some lovely countryside, so listen out for the hoots of owls and see if you can spot bats, badgers, deer and hedgehogs in their natural habitat.

3. Wellies for splashing through streams


Always take wellies when going rural. The weather forecast may say sun, but this is the UK after all…. Even if it isn’t raining, wellies means lots of splashing through streams and and brooks as well as keeping legs protected when walking through long, green summer grass.

4. A good book to snuggle up with by a fire


Get a fire (or wood burning stove if there is one) roaring away, put your feet up and settle into a good book. You could even take something countryside-inspired for any children in the group like Beatrix Potter or a bit of A A Milne, or perhaps The Secret Garden.

5. A pack of cards for evening games


Why not treat your glamping holiday as the chance for a digital detox. Switch off screens and enjoy some old school fun with a pack of classic playing cards, or try something new like Dobble to keep everyone happy into the evening. We also love Bananagrams in our family, which is light and easy to pack.

6. A waterproof picnic rug for settling down in a lovely spot


There is absolutely nothing like a family picnic out in the country no matter what time of day, but the ground can sometimes be a little damp. Take a waterproof-backed rug so that you can enjoy lunch or an evening drink in the fresh air.

7. Rounders bat and frisbee for fun in the fields


If you are going somewhere with lots of space, why not take along a footie for a kick about. A rounders bat (and ball) is always fun for groups, or a frisbee works for smaller parties. Here at Penhein for instance we have an 8 acre field for just this sort of fun.

8. Download a spotter sheet for identifying wildlife


Download a spotter sheet from somewhere like the RSPB or a local Wildlife Trust if you want help to identifying the various animals, insects and trees you may find around you. Madeleine Floyd’s book, Birdsong is also great if you’re keen to find out more about different birds and their songs. The Leafsnap app will also help you identify the names of wildflowers, moss, lichen, leaves and funghi.

9. Tin foil for rustling up delicious campfire feasts


Cooking over the campfire is one of the best bits of a glamping holiday, and whilst you can grill meat, fish and veg directly over the flames our top tip is to bring plenty of foil. Wrap up food and spices to make tasty parcels and bake potatoes in the embers of your fire pit.

10. Lots of layers to keep you toasty and warm


Remember, the weather can play tricks even if the forecast looks good. A thick pair of socks to keep toes toasty, an extra fleece for the evening spent round the campfire, a light waterproof and lots of layers will mean you’re prepared for fun come rain or shine.

So there you have it. You are all set for a countryside holiday to remember, except for one last thing – don’t forget to also pack your sense of adventure!