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Keeping Green

Our Green Glampsite

In the day to day running of the glampsite we try to ensure our actions are both as green and as sustainable as possible.

Re-use, Recycle, Reduce

We have always been focused on recycling. We separate out glass and all other recyclables and ask our guests to do the same. We keep the food waste for our own compost but everything else is picked up by licensed carriers for recycling.

As a glamping business, the majority of our own waste is linked to the cleaning of our tents. In the last year we have implemented the use of washable tabards, facemasks and mop heads all with the aim of using as little single use disposable cleaning and PPE products as possible. In the main both our tent and personal cleaning products are sourced in large single containers which we use to re-fill smaller bottles rather than buy new, again to minimise the use of single use plastic.

We always seek to minimise the use of paper wherever possible. If we do use paper, we buy recycled and recyclable paper products. Even our check in and all information for a guest’s stay is now on a downloadable app, meaning no paper is required.

Using our own Resources

Wherever possible we use the resources the farm provides. All the water on site comes from our own spring, filtered and cleaned to make it 100% safe. To reduce waste, we have put pressure limiters on our taps and dual flush systems on our loos to keep water usage to a minimum

The wood for our firepits and woodburning stoves is sustainably sourced from our own woodland (mostly fallen, we only chop wood if diseased). If we need more woodchip for site maintenance we only source from local tree surgeons.

We also develop our own fertiliser from food waste compost, which is used around the farm for, amongst other things, tree and hedgerow planting

Supplies and Suppliers

Buying locally and sustainably are mantras for us, so the following is a snapshot of what we do.

  • Firelighters come from a local firm – Certainly Wood – and are made out of wood and beeswax
  • There is no electricity in the tents, only in the communal areas. Even so we always look for ways to reduce the amount of energy used as much as possible. This includes the use of LED lighting and sensors in electrified areas
  • We buy our electricity from E-On Next who have confirmed that our electricity is 100% renewable.
  • For the Penhein Pantry, we source all but our wine and coffee locally, or make it on the farm. We have handpicked all the items from small, Welsh, independent producers.  The wine, although not Welsh, is bought from a local Wine Merchant and the coffee is a blend developed specifically for Penhein by Cupsmiths
  • The majority of cleaning materials we use are fully environmentally friendly. The main brand we use is Ecover
  • We are continually working with suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors to find ways of jointly minimising our environmental impact

Reviewing our Footprint

Even with everything we are doing, we are very aware that we can never ease up, we must always be looking for ways to improve. Although we are delighted to have been awarded Green Tourism Gold standard and the Welsh Green Key Award for sustainability in the hospitality industry, these are on an annual basis. We have to re-earn them each year, and we don’t want to stop there. There are other accreditation schemes that we are looking at that we can use to help us keep up with modern developments and ways to look after the land.

We’re Working On It

It isn’t just what we have done, but also what we are planning to do.  Current plans include:

  • An electric charging point on site for guests with electric vehicles. However, we first have to work on upgrading the electricity supply to the site to allow enough wattage
  • We are holding further discussions with suppliers about packaging recycling options and greener delivery
  • We are working to make our full list of cleaning products uniformly eco friendly
  • We are checking with our local taxi, supermarket delivery vans and other delivery companies to see which if any use hybrid or electric cars. We will add this information to our website and welcome app for our guests to see
  • We have started a planting scheme across the farm and have planted over 100 trees so far in 2023

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