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What's New at Penhein

Five Great Ideas for a Crisp Winter’s Day

January 5, 2024

January has come round again so quickly! We open on March 29th and are looking forward to seeing guests back at Penhein again, but there’s still lots of lovely wintery things to do even without Penhein as an option. We have been thinking of the best ways to spend a crisp winter’s day so we hope you enjoy our list of suggestions….

1. Marshmallows & cocoa over a bonfire

campfire bonfire campfire

There really is nothing to beat toasting marshmallows over a fire and enjoying a delicious cocoa or hot chocolate to follow. With the evenings still getting dark so early, you don’t even have to wait. Make it a tea time treat!

2. Walking over Crunchy Leaves


We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful walking in Wales here at Penhein and so we know how lovely it is to go for a long walk in any weather, but there is something particularly special about a winter walk. Think wrapping up warm, crunching over frosty ground covered in leaves, ruddy cheeks and a lovely warming bowl of soup waiting for you when you get home. We have the stunning Wye Valley on our doorstep, but it is easy to check to so see if you have any footpaths, country parks or local parks in your area where you can take yourselves out for a walk to wake the senses!

3. Stargazing

Winter often brings some of the clearest nights and there is nothing to beat going outside and simply looking up at the stars on a crisp, clear evening. We are so lucky at Penhein to be in a Dark Skies area, making us the perfect place for some stargazing. In fact, Wales is especially good for stargazing and is considered to be one of the top destinations in the world for this lovely hobby. Although it can feel as if you need lots of equipment before you can take part, it is actually the case that you can start with a simple pair of good binoculars. You would be amazed how much you can see just as easily as this. We’ve tried it and it works. Stunning and awe inspiring!

4. Make a Garden Bird Feeder

Our feathered friends are always at risk in the winter, particularly in extreme cold. They need as much food as possible to keep their body weight up and pad out their natural insulation. You can help with the feeding by hanging feeders in your garden or from a balcony or patio. While these are relatively cheap to buy you could go for the more sustainable option and make your own. The Natural History Museum has put together a useful instruction sheet on how to make these quickly and easily so why not give it a go?! You could then be ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch starting on the 26th January. The Big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s largest garden wildlife survey and every year, hundreds of thousands of nature lovers take part, helping to build a picture of how garden birds are faring so this is fun and and important, a great mix.

5. Start Geocaching

We have Geocaching here at Penhein for our guests, and it is a great way to get children and adults alike into the wide outdoors. For those of you who are new to this, imagine a pastime which can be enjoyed by the whole family that combines technology with outdoor adventure, which gets you out into the fresh air, introduces you to unusual, interesting and beautiful locations and is GREAT fun!  It’s a little like a worldwide outdoor treasure Hunt. A good place to find out a little more is the Geocaching Association of Great Britain. Once you’ve got the idea give it a go. It’s a wonderful way to get the children outdoors, we promise!